AAA Upholstery

 cornices are structured top treatments that serve two purposes: to block drafts coming from the window, and to neatly hide the heading and hardware of any under-treatment.  they are a perfect combination when partnered with blinds or shades, which can look plain and unfinished by themselves.

upholstered cornices give a room a softer, gentler look.  if your fabric of choice has a notable design and pattern, a cornice is the perfect treatment for displaying it.  you can run the fabric vertically if it has a lengthwise design, or horizontally if there is no direction to the pattern. 

there are several ways to style the lower edge of an upholstered cornice whether it be straight, scalloped, arched or pointed.  optional decorations include contrast or same-fabric piping, gimp, braid and fringe. 

Unlike standardized cornices, custom made cornices can be shaped and designed to fit over any window treatment whether it be inside-mounted or outside-mounted treatments such as traversing draperies.


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